Welcome to the Little Loco Group’s website, formed in 2017 by members of the Wainwright Villas Gang and supported by the Fenchurch Fund the Little Loco Group aims to help fund & support the overhaul & restoration of the Bluebell Railway’s historic fleet of smaller engines as well as the railway’s collection of pre-grouping engines & projects representing this era of locomotive history. In line with these aims the group works towards helping to keep an example of one of the two Brighton Terriers & one of the three SECR P tanks in an operational condition at all times.

Our current project is to return SECR No.27 Primrose into operational service after last steaming in 1974. Once thought as a lost cause, since 2017, the group has started a ground-up restoration with major components such as the frames and cylinder block having been replaced. All the progress so far has solely been achieved through volunteer labour & funded by the Fenchurch Fund which has raised £45,000 of the predicted £150,000 needed to restore 27 to working order.

Help us continue our pace and donate today to help us to continue to preserve & keep operational the Bluebell Railway’s smaller fleet of pioneering steam engines.

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As a small group, we rely on fundraising to keep achieving our goal of seeing the Bluebell Railways smaller fleet of engines operational. Much of the progress as you see it today has been funded by a lot of people contributing a small amount on a regular basis. Donations from our supporters ensure that we can continue to see these pioneers of preservation in service & operational for generations to come. So get on board with us today no matter how large or small the contribution.

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