Project 27
Restoring the Bluebell Railways forgotten P Primrose

Project 27: Early January Winter Update 2024

With the start of the new year and the frames sheeted over, to protect them from the elements, the team has started to move forwards on two fronts.
Firstly, they have started working on the RHS side tank. The tank has been moved around and placed on support trestles to allow for the careful cutting out of the bottom plate work. This will enable the team to assess the extent of repair work needed. Additionally, they have removed various brackets and lamp irons from the old running plates, which will be cleaned up and painted before being fitted to the new platework.
Secondly, work has resumed on repairing the horn blocks and building up the sides to make them square again having discovered that the sides had worn down into a taper & work is underway to rectify this issue.
Overall, the team is making good progress on both the initial side tank inspection & repair and the rectification work on the horn blocks.

RHS side tank having been positioned on trestles to remove the bottom platework for assessment.

The rivets in the bottom row have been removed to allow the bottom platework to be taken off.

The tank flipped over onto its other side.

The winglet on the RHS tank has been removed.

Various brackets and lamp irons were removed from the old running plate.

Running plate brackets and lamp irons removed for restoration and fitting to the new running plates.

Using a height gauge on the marking out table the point was set to the machined rear face (horn guide to frame plate) so that a datum line could be established.

After setting the height gauge to the original machined face at the back of the casting, the datum line was marked out on the front of the horn guide.
The set square is placed to indicate the extent of tapered wear on the side of the horn guide casting.
This wear will need to be repaired by building up the surface and then machining it back to a square edge while using the datum line as a reference point.

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