Project 27
Restoring the Bluebell Railways forgotten P Primrose

Spring Engineering Update 2020

Having successfully completed the final riveting up of the rear drag box in the latter part of 2019, a daunting task with over 80 riveted joints, work has concentrated on moving forwards riveting up the various running plate support angles located along the frame.

All 12 frame datum buttons have now been installed and a start has been made at setting up the spring hanger brackets in readiness for riveting these into position. Carrying on from earlier in the previous year and with the arrival of the repair plates a start has been made at welding the leading horns guides ready for machining.

With the 60th anniversary approaching this summer the group aims to hopefully progress the new frames with the fitting of the new cylinder block, completion of the frame front end & valence plate work and painted up of the frames into the relevant top coats.

Some of the running plates angle iron work now riveted in place.

Re-used original angle iron salvaged from the original frames for reuse!

Re-bushed spring hanger brackets bolted up into position.

The front counterweight and sandboxes temporarily bolted up.

Work continues on the leading horn guides with the first repair plate having been welded on. This will allow us to temporarily set the leading horn guides in position on the frames for marking out, referencing off the datum buttons, how much material needs to be machined from the running faces in order to obtain the necessary 15 thou running clearances. From here we can mill the working faces true and to size ready for final fitment.

The RHS driving axle horn with the new repair plate tack welded into position.

The repair plate fully welded on and roughly ground back.

The LHS driving horn casting tacked up ready for welding.

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