Fenchurch 150
overhaul update

Fenchurch 150: Released to Traffic January 2023

Since the boiler test, and initial testing and fettling was completed, the finishing touches have been put to the locomotive, as seen in Andy Kelly’s photo from the 27th of November. This has been followed by a period of running in, to ensure reliable operation once ‘Fenchurch’ enters service. The subsequent photos from the 1st of December show a loaded test run to East Grinstead and back hauling the 4-coach Metropolitan set (80 Tons tare). Two trips were made, and even with provision of steam heat to the carriages, only half a tank of water was used to reach East Grinstead on each occasion. ‘Fenchurch’ also happily passed a “re-start from stationary” test on our 1-in-55 climb up to Imberhorne Cutting with that load. It was released into service as of 10 January 2023.

The finishing touches!

Taking water at East Grinstead.

Loaded test run.

feathering at the valves!

Imberhorne Cutting.

Heading South from East Grinstead.

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