Project 27: Autumn & Winter Update 2022

Following on from the beginning of the year the team has slowly been working towards finishing off the final construction & riveting up of the main frames. With the work on the rear of the frame plates now completed, work has concentrated on constructing the front end of the frame work. The new front buffer-beam has subsequently been fitted & angle work fixed into position & riveted up. The freshly paint rear sandboxes have also been fitted to the frames, to check they fit and to clear them out of the villas being a hefty item to store! Work in the new year will concentrate on acquiring and fitting new running plates as well as working towards fitting the new cylinder into the frames once some remedial machining work has been undertaken.

Front buffer beam set into position with associated angle work ready for final riveting work.

Rear Drag-box complete and being painted up.

Rear sandbox fitted into position.

Repair welds to reclaimed firebox support angle irons.

Sean cleaning up one of the bottle buffers.

Frame work partially uncovered.

Trial fitment of one of the running plate steps.

Riveting up of front buffer beam

Trial fitment of drawhook.

Trial fitment of front draw hook & front buffer beam construction.

Trial fitment of front draw hook & front buffer beam construction.

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