Project 27
Restoring the Bluebell Railways forgotten P Primrose

Engineering Update Spring 2019

With a week’s annual leave booked some of the team spent the week making a start at riveting the frames! Both of the two frame stretchers have now been riveted home as well as the six running plate supports with the front two needing to be in place prior to the new cylinder block being fitted! Attention was then turned to making a start at fitting up the rear buffer beam and drag box and preparing this for riveting next!

Offsite at Statfold Barn the cylinders, now completed, where duly collected on the Friday of the working week despite the best efforts of the British motorway system & exceptionally bad congestion’s but the effort was worth it!

Thanks must go to Statfold Barn for the excellent work that they have done machining our cylinder block, the guys taking the week off to work on 27 and Stuart & Paul for there valued help with riveting at the beginning of the week!

The highly finished & honed cylinder bore produced for us by the guys at Statfold Engineering Ltd.

Thanks to the excellent work achieved by the chaps at statfold barn the cylinder block is loaded and ready for her journey back to Sheffield Park.

The cylinder block after her journey from the north ready for unloading.

Rear view of the cylinder block safely stored away.

Frames with the two frame stretchers riveted in and the six running plate supports also riveted in.

Countersunk rivets prior to grinding flush for the front running plate supports.

Further down the frames just normal dome headed rivets are required.

View’d from the outside showing the new rivet heads holding the running plate supports.

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