Fenchurch 150
overhaul update

Fenchurch 150: Overhaul Update Part 2 June 2022

A second update for June see’s the majority of the boiler work for Fenchurch’s boiler almost complete with only a few additional tasks to be finished off before the boiler is ready for a hydraulic & initial steam test. The opportunity was taken at this stage to make a trial fitment of the boiler, new smokebox & overhauled rolling chassis to check the fit and that all was well. Following the success of the trial fit the boiler was craned back out of the frames and a start made at finishing off the final few task in readiness for the hydraulic testing.

Newly fabricated smokebox lower into position for its trial fit with the boiler.

Both Boiler & new smokebox successfully trial fitted into the frames. 

A view within the completed firebox with all the stays in place & new tubes fitted.

Drilling out one of the washout plug holes in the new platework.

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