Mini December Update 2021

With full volunteer working numbers now allowed back on site & access to the main workshops equipment the team set out for a mini working day in December to end the year off. With the cold & wet weather during this time of year painting was off the list but a restart could be made at progressing on with the riveting of the frames.

Prep’d back in March 2020 before the Pandemic took hold we had just finished at the time reaming & countersinking eight of the rivet holes in the rear buffer plank whilst at the front of the frames the angle irons for the front plank was in a similar state and at long last the team set about finally putting these rivets down.

The rear buffer plank with the new countersunk rivets driven home securing the buffer beams outer angles.

Rivets set down almost text book after nearly two years away, a nice team booster.

Front angle irons also riveted on to the front of the frame plates.