Project 27
Restoring the Bluebell Railways forgotten P Primrose

November Update 2018

With a few weekends of unusually mild weather and help from other loco department volunteers the team successfully finished preparing the frame plates and set about erecting the frames and taking initial steps to leveling them! The above picture shows the new frame plates being erected into position.

The Team and Volunteers from the yard busy grinding Mill scale from the frame plates.

More synchronized grinding today.

Matt marking out the last holes ready for drilling.

Matt marking out the last holes ready for drilling.

Initial erection of the frames.

Leveling the frames.

Frame plates setup and ready for leveling.

Setting the frames level by adjusting the frame supports.

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As a small group, we rely on fundraising to keep achieving our goal of seeing the Bluebell Railways smaller fleet of engines operational. So get on board with us today no matter how large or small the contribution.