Project 27
Restoring the Bluebell Railways forgotten P Primrose

Restoration Re-starts Spring 2021

Following a year of lock downs, uncertainties and national Covid restriction in the early part of 2021, The team was finally able to get back on site to make a restart on Project 27 and reflect on the challenges faced from inactivity on the project and to catch-up with where we left off over a year ago.

Having been off site for well over a year and with no work being carried out on the frames, left only in primer, these had started to succumb to the elements with rust forming and paint beginning to flake off in various places. Our workshop “the Wainwright villa’s” which is nearing the end of its serviceable life had also suffered from a leaky roof over this period leading to water damage to stored items and the groups tools!

After taking stock of the damage which could be caused by a year away during the Covid lock down, the team set out to make a start at cleaning up the frames and various components and continue on where we left off with the frame rebuild & restoration work.

The frames after over a year sat outside with no attention.

A years worth of exposure to the elements starting to show its effects. 

Previously scribe’d center lines now encouraging rust formation.

More corrosion and deteriorating paint after a year of inactivity.

Many of the items that had been stored with’in the villa’s had suffered from surface corrosion due to the leaking roof and pooling water, with previously machined or cleaned up items having to be re-examined and a year’s worth of surface rust removed. 

Eccentric sheaves previously machined to finish covered in surface rust & corrosion.


& After!

Re-bushed brake cross shaft bushes covered in surface corrosion.

Re-metaled & ground valve rods showing before & after treatment.

Meanwhile with work now able to be resumed Ian has made a good start at getting back on with the manufacturing of the new horn wedges cutting out the tapered profile.  Work has also recommenced with setting out and drilling the original spring hanger brackets in readiness for final riveting!

Measuring & setting up the cincinnati.

Machining the Horn wedges taper.

Machining the Horn wedges taper.

Setting out the spring hanger brackets true to datum.

Once set true the rivet holes where drilled & reamed through.

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