Fenchurch 150
overhaul update

Fenchurch 150: Overhaul Update April 2022

With all the major parts of the firebox & boiler having been repaired or replaced the inner firebox was lowered into position and the firehole door ring & foundations ring have been finally aligned and fitted into position. This has enabled work to now concentrate on riveting in & staying the new firebox in place within the boiler shell & once this work has been completed the repair section to the barrel can be welded in, tube-plate riveted in place, the boiler re-tubed & final work carried out in preparation for a hydraulic test.  

The new side & crown stays produced for the boiler being supplied by Statfold Barn.

Looking through the firehole door work progresses with the installation of the side stays.

The RHS side plate with all the new stays fitted in place & ready to be chalked up.

Inside the firebox showing the steady progress of fitment of all the new stays.

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