Project 27
Restoring the Bluebell Railways forgotten P Primrose

Engineering Update 1st Quarter 2022

2022 a new year and a fresh start on project 27 following almost 2 years of lockdowns, restrictions & towards the tail end of 2021 the team getting back upto speed with where we left off. Work has mainly concentrated on progressing on with the overhaul of some of the various components currently taking up space in the villas so that we can either hang them back on the frames or put them into storage & out of the way.

Outside work on the frames has concentrated with the fettling of the front buffer beam angle rivet heads to allow the front counterweight to be temporarily fitted. The counterweight fitment being necessary not only to hold the front of the frames square, whilst the cylinder block is still to be fitted, but also to allow us subsequently make a start at setting up the front end & side valences.

The four sandboxes painted up into undercoat awaiting there final coats of black gloss.

Laurie applying filler to some of the casting defects to improve the surface finish.

Billy White let loose with a pad of scotchbrite keying up the surface for another coat of paint.

Sandboxes with filler applied and ready for sanding back smooth.

Some of the various brake parts found across the villas painted up and put into store.

Brake cross shaft, brake cross beams & weigh shaft painted up into topcoat.

Another view of the brake cross shaft & beams in topcoat.

Work showing the start of fitting the front counterweight with the fettling of the inside rivet heads to allow the counterweight to be slid into position. Interestingly the counterweights on the front where a modification to the class after being built, not seen on the original drawings, and either due to weight distribution or adhesion problems which explains why there are such tight clearances around the rivet heads in this area!

The first trial fit of the front counterweight that subsequently highlighted the need to fettle the rivet heads.

Excess material removed from the rivet heads.

Heated & hand dressed down.

All four rivet heads complete.

A clean up & a coat of bonda primer.

Counterweight fitted showing the tight clearances.

With the counterweight in place & the frames square the wing plates could be fitted.

With the front of the frames now pulled up square, following the fitment of the original counterweight, Sean has made good progress with cutting out and setting up both side valences in readyness for being welded up and riveted on. Once this work is done we will be in a position to start thinking about ordering the new running plates in readiness for fitting. 

The RHS valance cut, setup & fitted into place ready for being welded & riveted on.

Sean busy cutting out the section of the angle iron to take the wing plates.

Rear RHS wing plate fitted up into position & ready for its weld prep. 

Front RHS wing plate fitted up into position & ready for its weld prep. 

A birds eye view of the frames showing both valances in place ready for welding & riveting.

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